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Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2019 in Venice

Flight is the project by artist Roman Stańczak and curators Łukasz Ronduda and Łukasz Mojsak selected for implementation in the Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2019 in Venice.

The project was chosen by a jury appointed by Prof. Piotr Gliński – Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

“The work by Roman Stańczak is a result of his long-standing sculptural practice in turning everyday objects inside out. The scale of the project as well as bold approach guarantee a monumental expression of this realization and visual allure. The author is not afraid of any associations of his ideas with fundamental issues of the divided political community” – we read in statement from jury composed of Elżbieta Banecka, Waldemar Baraniewski, Janusz Janowski, Piotr Juszkiewicz, Agnieszka Komar-Morawska (chairwoman), Andrzej Krauze, Monika Małkowska, Maciej Mazurek, Daniel Muzyczuk, Barbara Piwowarska, Karolina Staszak, Katalin Timar, Iza Tarasewicz, Tomasz Wendland, Hanna Wróblewska.